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Alexander "Alessandro" Haynes

"HR Manager"

Alessandro is proud to be the younger brother of Marcello and to work alongside him and all the other gondoliers. A graduate of Ponaganset High School in 1999, Alessandro attended King's College in Wilkes-Barre, PA, graduating with a bachelor's degree in theatre.

[Who is in charge around here?]
Well, I’m the vice president in charge of hiring and firing. Mostly firing.”
— Alessandro (who has actually never fired a single gondolier).
Photo credit: Vicki Jauron

Photo credit: Vicki Jauron

Alessandro is a Technical Director and site manager for the theatre department at Brown University. As a carpenter for theatre, Alessandro risks life and limb daily so that designer's dreams become a reality, and he is glad to do it.

Alessandro joined the LGP team upon returning to Rhode Island from Pennsylvania in fall, 2008.  Like so many other gondoliers in Providence, Alessandro is not really Italian, but his beautiful and understanding wife Lauren is!  They live in Foster with their precocious young actress-in-the-making, Harper Michael, and at the very beginning of the spring in 2017, we welcomed their newborn son, Remi Alexander, onto the list of potential future gondoliers!