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Gregory "Raffaello" Coffey

"Manager, engineering"

Raffaello has been rowing for La Gondola Providence since the summer of 2008, and is now a seasoned veteran of the city's watercourses. He earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, with a minor in Music. His vocal training with various singing groups at WPI pushed his ability and encouraged positive growth.

Hoping to pass along his zeal for mathematics and the sciences, humanities, & arts, Raffaello (under the non-Italian name by which he is known to the rest of the world) guises himself as a physics and pre-engineering educator at Ponaganset High School. 

La Gondola Providence:
Think-tank of the Woonasquatucket!
— Raffaello

In his free time, Raf may be found pursuing a variety of other interests: reading, blacksmithing, painting, bee-keeping, composing poetry, camping, woodcarving, gardening, cooking, repairing things, researching, and keeping company with Ana, his beautiful wife ( and First Gondolady Bryna's younger sister), and their cat, Sher Khan.

La Gondola Providence is a fantastic company with a great, personable atmosphere; I love working here because everyone embodies the spirit of awesome; no, wait; we all try to be manifestations of love (especially Alessandro), and have the pleasure of giving every individual who steps on board a unique and positively enjoyable time.
— Raffaello