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Timothy "Amadeo" Coffey

"Composer/Sommelier in Residence"

Amadeo has been rowing since the summer of 2012, and truly is the combination of an immovable object (Raffaello, his older brother) and an unstoppable force (Luciano, one of his high school teachers). He has not yet reached the same levels of "balance" as his brother Raf and instead has chosen a life walking many paths.

To row a gondola effectively, one must relax and leave his brute strength on the dock.
— Amadeo

From a young age Amadeo has accumulated a number of unique hobbies and skills, including composing music, performing/playing music, jamming, sketching, painting, running, blacksmithing, boxing, writing, reading, video editing, and taking long pondering walks and runs.

Beyond La Gondola Providence, Amadeo is one of Rhode Island's few mercenary composers. He has a BA in Music Composition and often takes jobs from Seven Swords Media in Cranston. Composing film scores is the career he ultimately intends to pursue, and he is currently studying for his Master's in Music Composition at the University of Rhode Island.