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La Gondola: The Providence Story, from Carla Ricci.

You can also watch this video in Italian!

Another gem from the fantastic Carla Ricci, wherein Marcello shares the origins of La Gondola Providence and some insights about the gondola business. 

From Marcello explains why being a gondolier is "The Most Romantic Job in the World."

From A commercial about all of the wonderful things about Providence ...

HULIANA (Hallelujah!), Juliana Fraioli. La Gondola Provdence is featured in this fun, upbeat music video!

LGP promotional video project created by Isaac Garcia & Brendon Sequeira, two media technology students at the GNBVT school in 2016.

A video shared with us by one of our parties.

Marcello takes the Italian spirit with him wherever he goes - even to the North of England! Enjoy this echoing rendition of one of our favorite songs. The talented team of gondoliers from La Gondola in Providence, Rhode Island are preparing to take on all comers in the inaugural GondOlympics on May 27, 2012.



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La Gondola has also been featured in:

  • The television series, "Providence"

  • The New York Times

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • Rhode Island Monthly's "BEST"