Online Booking Instructions

  1. Click on "Make a Reservation" (top right of your screen) OR "Trip Packages" (bottom of your page)
  2. Click on desired trip package (you might want to read through them first to decide which one you want)
  3. Click on "Book This Trip Now"
  4. If you are a party of 2, the system is all set up for you, so proceed to step 5.
    If you are a party of 3-6, hit the "-" button once on the 2-person tickets (to change 1 to 0), then click the "+" button once next to your number of people (3-6), so that there is 1 ticket for your total number of people (NOT 1 separate ticket for each person).
    If you are a party of more than 6, please call the office at 401.421.8877 to make your reservation.
  5. Once you've selected a ticket for the number of people in your party, scroll down to "Select Date." Green dates have available times for the trip package that you have chosen. Click on the date that you want to book your trip.
  6. Select a time from the "Available Now" list of times.
  7. Add extras, if you would like to do so, then click "Continue".  (If not, just click "Continue.")
  8. Fill in answers to the customer questions.  If you are not celebrating a occasion, just type "no" - but you can be creative when it comes to the occasion, too; we love that!  When you're done, click "Continue."
  9. Fill in personal and credit card information, then click "Continue To Review."
  10. Look over all of your information, and if it looks accurate, click "Buy Now."


Still having issues? Please call the office at 401.421.8877. We are happy to make your booking over the phone. 

Grazie mille! We will see you soon!