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Allan "Dantino" Redfern

"Gondolier Statesman"

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Dantino, also known as "Il Duce," enjoyed a long and varied career before starting as a gondolier in 2012. He and Marcello had known each other for years before that - since Marcello started rowing gondolas in 1999, in fact. The two met while Dantino was working as a volunteer for WaterFire.

It was only natural that Dantino should become a gondolier. First, there were few things left in the world that he hadn't tried, and no lion tamer positions were available. His multiple and widely-varied vocations have contributed to his vast repertoire of stories about life in general and life in Providence in particular, which he shares with gusto whenever the opportunity arises. A gondolier is a troubadour on the water, and Dantino has a troubadour's heart. The ability to do multiple things simultaneously – like row, steer, sing, and entertain – is his forte. 

Il Duce's life experiences serve as lessons for us all, and we respect and admire his wisdom. Here at La Gondola Providence, we consider Dantino (formerly Alfonso) our elder statesman and Uomo Vecchio del Mare - our "Old Man of the Sea."