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Ryan "Donato" McGowan

"LGP Fitness Director"

Photo credit:  Vicki Jauron

Photo credit: Vicki Jauron

Donato is the oldest of 6 siblings. Born in Virginia, he was inexorably called to experience all of the wonders that Rhode Island has to offer and, with his parents, promptly boarded a plane for PVD at the ripe age of 2 days old! He has called Warwick his home ever since. His upbringing was significantly influenced by his Italian mother, and his gondolier name was chosen to honor several of his family members.

As the rest of the LGP gondoliers have come to learn, Donato prefers to exercise outdoors. It was on a solo kayak trip up the Providence River when he met and had an impromptu job interview with Marcello. After months of training, he joined LGP for the end of the 2011 season. He rowed his first WaterFire trip the night before (and technically the morning of) his wedding day! 

I’m nautical by nature.”
— Donato

When he's not diligently practicing his rowing and singing techniques, Donato spends time with his wife Laurie and sons Luke Donato and Jack Ryan, and runs his fitness business, Laid-Back Fitness, in Warwick, where he utilizes unique and creative methods and techniques in the pursuit of having fun and staying fit. He also is very involved with the Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership, fostering positive and fulfilling relationships between volunteers and students throughout the state, and auditioned for American Ninja in 2015. Forza, Donato!