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Adam "Ivano" Alves

"Audio-Visual Director"

Ivano (pronounced ee-VAH-noh), affectionately called the "little brother" of La Gondola Providence, had the distinction of being the youngest gondolier ever trained in Providence, having started his career at the age of 18.  Since then, Mariano has joined the ranks of the 18-year-old gondoliers, a decision that Marcello may rue sometimes, however infrequently.  

In the summer of 2011, Ivano was waiting tables at his father's restaurant one evening when Alessandro and his wife came in for dinner. Alessandro recognized his potential, based primarily on his courtesy and manners, and after confirming that he could sing, Ale told Marcello that he had just found LGP's newest gondolier.

One of Ivano's greatest qualities is the enthusiasm he brings to every aspect of his life, including photography, videography, and the theater arts, all of which he has studied in college courses. He is also a talented guitarist and composer, and is always happy to share his musical stylings as an on-board musician for guests who choose the Rapsodia or Dolce Vita trip options. 

In his spare time, Ivano enjoys making films, tailoring clothes, manufacturing jewelry, blacksmithing with Raffaello and Amadeo, taking road trips, camping, sailing, and hiking.  He is currently pursuing his degree in Geology at Rhode Island College, and makes his home in Bristol.

Photo credit: Gondola Greg

Photo credit: Gondola Greg