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Maria Messore Jones


Maria riding along with Amadeo

Maria riding along with Amadeo

Maria received a phone call from the original owners of La Gondola, Cynthia and Marco, inquiring about an accordion player to accompany the patrons with authentic Italian music. Though Maria was not old enough to drive, she would be dropped off by her parents twice a week.

Maria is a first generation American, brought up with strong Italian cultures and beliefs. Maria and her family were fortunate to visit their remaining family members in Italy. During one of these trips, at age 4, she was inspired by several accordion-playing cousins to learn the instrument. Maria was beginning to read music before learning to read words. When she returned home, her mother enrolled her with Robert Paolo Music Studio in Johnston.

Maria took a brief hiatus from playing to attend college at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston where her studies focused on Construction Management. Upon graduating, she moved back home and worked with one of the largest construction management companies in the United States. She also returned to her love of music by working again with La Gondola. She now co-owns an Italian-American Deli, "The Deli On Post" in Warwick with her mother and looks forward to passing on the traditions and customs of her heritage, and teaching her children, Anthony and Giordana, the art of the accordion.