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Don "The Don" Harrison

Mandolin, Guitar

The Don playing mandolin on a trip

The Don playing mandolin on a trip

When "The Don" read in the local paper about La Gondola opening in Providence, he inquired immediately to the office about playing mandolin on the gondola, but for some reason nothing came of it. A few years later, in 2009, he met the new owner, Marcello. Marcello's brother, Alessandro, and sister-in-law were already personally acquainted with The Don, and had recommended him highly as a musician. The Don and Marcello got to talking about his musical talents and experience, and his earlier inquiry about playing on the gondola. Marcello thought it was a great idea to have a mandolin player in addition to the accordion option, and The Don's first trip was later that month.

Many gondola trips later, The Don is still playing and enjoying it as much as ever, and hopefully his passengers enjoy the music as much as he does. He is constantly finding new (though some of them are over 400 years old!) songs to play, and you can often find him patrolling the dock area before or after a trip, the mandolin always at his side, as he works on the next addition to the repertoire or just plays around with familiar tunes. He has definitely become a full-blown member of the La Gondola family!

When not playing mandolin, The Don also plays guitar, harmonica, bass guitar, Native American flute, and recorder, in a variety of genres and styles.